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Although the Shaw Process has been applied successfully for over five decades, by the 1980s Precision Products` Roger Ball teamed up with ceramic consultant Paul Hardcastle to improve various aspects of the process-the next step in expanding its range of commercial applications.

Key among these improvements were savings on the relatively expensive mould materials used-refractories and ethyl silicate binder-and the manual/craft based production process

Also important was the use of materials that would be sympathetic with the natural environment. particularly important given Precision Products location in an area designated of outstanding natural beauty. In other words, it was time for Shaw to "go green"

The answer lay in marrying the potter's craft with foundry technology slip, casting relatively low cost contoured backing shell moulds to which Shaw facing can be added.

ECOShaw achieves significant savings in materials with actual improvements in casting quality and metallurgical structure. The reduction in over-all weight has also eased handling problems.




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